Best Team

The 2021 Best Team Award recognises a team or department within an organisation that demonstrates how its work has helped achieve or exceed objectives and contributed to the overall competitiveness and/or success of the company during the previous 12 months. Both functional working teams and project-oriented teams will be considered.

Judging criteria

The extent to which the team's cohesiveness is articulated and demonstrated in the application will be considered. In addition, the judges will be looking for evidence of the following information within your application:

  • Can the team performance be quantified or qualified?
  • Organisational challenges the team has overcome
  • Resulting improved service or products
  • Exceptional contributions toward efficiency and effectiveness of operations

Essential Information

  • Before applying, please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions
  • When requested, please enter your full contact information. This information is used to contact you or to create other material in relation to your application (certificates, trophies etc.)
  • LEEA reserves the right to withdraw this award and reinstate this category the following year in the event that nominations are insufficient or unsuitable

Please, download the ‘Application Guidelines’ document (PDF). This document will provide all the criteria the judges will be looking for when processing your application.