LEEA CEO's Award

The 2021 LEEA CEO’s Award recognises outstanding professionals in the lifting equipment industry. Nominees must have a minimum of 3 years and less than 10 years of experience in the industry and possess the qualities and skills of an emerging leader, having already made significant contributions to our profession.

Nominees should demonstrate outstanding leadership, initiative, innovation, and contribution to their company. Within their career, the nominee will have shown steady career advancement, a commitment to ongoing professional development, and recognition and respect from colleagues as an emerging leader.

Judging criteria

Leadership (25%)
Describe the ways in which the individual has demonstrated leadership qualities and characteristics.
Is the nominee generally recognised by colleagues as an emerging leader?
In what ways has the nominee engaged with other professional companies? How has this benefitted your company?

Innovation & Initiative (25%)
How has the nominee demonstrated initiative and the ability to be a self-starter?
What innovations have resulted directly from the nominee’s efforts?

Contribution to the employer’s company (25%)
In what ways has the nominee impacted on your company?
In what ways has the nominee improved service delivery?

Career Advancement & Professional Development (25%)
In what ways has the nominee held progressively more responsible positions/titles in their career to date?
Has the nominee actively pursued continual professional development? In what ways? How has this improved their effectiveness in the company?

Essential Information

  • Before applying, please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions
  • When requested, please enter your full contact information. This information is used to contact you or to create other material in relation to your application (certificates, trophies etc.)
  • LEEA reserves the right to withdraw this award and reinstate this category the following year in the event that nominations are insufficient or unsuitable

Please, download the ‘Application Guidelines’ document (PDF). This document will provide all the criteria the judges will be looking for when processing your application.