Kevin Holmes Award for Excellence in People Development

The 2021 Kevin Holmes Award for Developing Excellence in People recognises excellence in supporting and facilitating the continual professional development of its employees.

Nominations may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Induction training programmes
  2. Continual Professional Development scheme

Judging criteria

Whilst seeking evidence of the organisation’s strategy for upskilling and training of personnel, our judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of senior management commitment
  • Provision of high-quality training and development opportunities
  • Who and how many people benefitted and how was this measured
  • Overall impact on the competencies of employees
  • Evidence of impact in the business

Essential Information

  • Before applying, please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions
  • When requested, please enter your full contact information. This information is used to contact you or to create other material in relation to your application (certificates, trophies etc.)
  • LEEA reserves the right to withdraw this award and reinstate this category the following year in the event that nominations are insufficient or unsuitable

Please, download the ‘Application Guidelines’ document (PDF). This document will provide all the criteria the judges will be looking for when processing your application.