In this page, you will explore all the categories open for applications.

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This award recognizes and celebrates trainers from the LEEA Accredited Training Scheme who excel in their profession and make significant contributions to the development and success of others. Find Out More
This Award recognizes and celebrates a leader in our membership who has been extremely effective in improving and growing their firm. The candidate needs to show evidence of leadership and dynamism which has resulted in growth of their company Find Out More
This award celebrates products that demonstrate excellence and innovation in their respective fields. Find Out More
This award celebrates innovations in servicing, recognizing those that demonstrate excellence and leadership in this area Find Out More
This award celebrates organizations that prioritize the growth and development of their people, fostering a culture of learning, innovation, and excellence Find Out More
This award recognizes individuals who not only excel in their technical abilities but also demonstrate professionalism, leadership, and a commitment to continuous improvement in their field. Find Out More
This award recognizes and celebrate individuals or teams that excel in conducting lifting operations safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulations and best practices Find Out More
This award celebrates individuals who show exceptional promise, initiative, and potential for future success, serving as role models and inspirations to others Find Out More
This award applauds organizations that prioritize the health and safety of their employees and demonstrate leadership, innovation, and continuous improvement in safety management. Find Out More
This award celebrates organizations and individuals that demonstrate leadership, innovation, and excellence in advancing sustainability principles and practices Find Out More